Why do I need mobile website?

Mobile traffic (smart phones, tablets) has surpassed conventional traffic (desktop computers, laptops). 66% of all Internet searches are performed using mobile devices. People using smartphones generate two-thirds of all queries. This is huge. If your site is not mobile, you will lose your customers to the competition. Those who invested time and energy in upgrading their websites will easily attract customers.

Let’s walk through a simple scenario. You want to find restaurant, you type ‘restaurant’ and Google will conveniently display a list of websites. You click a link, but only a fraction of the website fits the mobile screen. You search for phone or map, but you can’t find any. You can’t contact the business, and you don’t know where the restaurant is. You can invest some time to scroll the screen and try to find the information. But the text is in small font, and it’s hard to navigate. It’s much easier to press back and watch the next offer. Now the whole website fits the screen. The are big, easy to click buttons: ‘Call Us’ and ‘Find Us’. You press the ‘Find Us’ and Google shows the location of the restaurant. You press the ‘Call Us’ and Google initiates the phone call. You are happy with what you see and take the action.


Google announced in 2015 that it would favor mobile friendly pages over the regular pages. Those pages that are not mobile friendly will drop in the rankings. You will be hit twice. Your page will be harder to find and even if a customer clicks the link it will be hard for them to take the action.

By making your website mobile, you increase your visibility and decrease the friction for your customers. El Paso SEO Company developed the process that allows us to upgrade your current website in short time for a sensible price. Contact us by phone or email.


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